Mars Music’s objective is involvement with all aspects of the music publishing business of today, including creative investment and marketing of new talent as well as state-of-the-art representation of established publishing companies around the world.

Already representing A.Schroeder International, Mattie Music Group (Bill Withers), Corday Productions (Days of Our Lives), Marada / French Fried, Median Music, Beggars Music, Rough Trade Publishing, Berkely Square Publishing, Despotz Music, ICEA, Jay Livingston Music, Clipper's and Massive Publishing.

Writer/artists include Ella Rammelt, Fredrik Söderström, Arc North, VINIL, MVRE, Martin Skog, Jenny Wilson, Stiko Per Larsson, Niklas von Arnold, Killerball, Anna Ihlis, Eye Travel, Max Månsson, Thomas Lindahl, Brothers Among Wera, Tomas Bäcklund a.o.

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