Mattie Music Group

Mattie Music Group, an exclusive Los Angeles-based music publishing company, publishes such favorites as “Hello Like Before” and “City of the Angels” to the loved “Lovely Day” and “Just The Two Of Us.” The core business of Mattie Music Group involves exploitation of compositions, licensing of music, and administration of the songs of Bill Withers.

Vibe Magazine described Bill’s catalog as “a deep mine of sample-friendly beats.” New generations of artists discover, record and sample Bill’s catalogue extensively. Yet the songs Bill has written also include some of the most sensitive and beautiful ballads, like “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Let Me In Your Life” and “You Just Can’t Smile It Away.” His composition “Lean On Me” has become a standard. A writer in the L.A. Times once said, “Like the finest songwriters, Bill is blessed with the ability to crystallize complex feelings and emotions into profoundly simple lyrics.”

Bill Withers founded Golden Withers Music in 1974. Not having had control over his compositions during the Sussex Records years (1971-1974), he felt determined to publish his own music. (Interior Music Corporation controls “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Lean On Me.”) The composition “Lovely Day” along with a host of samples is included in the Golden Withers Music Catalog.

In 1978, Withers founded Bleunig Music, an ASCAP affiliated company, to broaden his publishing ventures. Bleunig Music is a co-publisher of the universally popular composition “Just The Two Of Us” and there have been numerous samples and uses of this composition.

In 1997, Withers formed the corporation Mattie Music Group, as an umbrella for the publishing companies. Mattie Music Group was named for his late mother, Mattie Withers, as Withers’ says, “…where the music came from.”

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