Stiko Per Larsson

Stiko Per Larsson, born on November 20th 1978 in Leksand, Dalarna is a Swedish singer songwriter. His music can be described as wistful swedish rock with influences from contemporary poetry with a tonal language distinct connecting to Dalarna.

The third album of Stiko Per, “Varken stjärna eller frälst” was released in April 2011 and went straight up to top 20 on the swedish album charts, which stresses the fact that Stiko Per is constantly reaching new fans.
His first album, “Flyktsagor” (2008) took three years to complete and reached the album charts #41. The sequel “Kap Farväl” (2009) reached the charts as well, this time placing Stiko Per on #31 and was described as “a painful final accounts of a love story that did not last”. The description is speaking for Stikos music in general since his lyrics is poetic and thoughtful, giving the listener a true and genuine feeling.