Martin Skog

Martin Skog is a Swedish composer and sound designer for film and multimedia. After studying and practicing music production in England, USA and Sweden, Martin has gained much experience in his field of work. On his journey, Martin has evolved into the diverse artist that he is today. Born in the middle-sized city of Linköping in Sweden, Martin early discovered his deep affection to music. Starting off by taking guitar lessons in the community music school, Martin continued his career by playing a creative role in numerous bands. Eagerly rehearsing in the bricked building next to the train station, he nurtured his dream to one day be able to make a living of his music. Once he graduated from school, Martin moved to London to start studying music at Tech Music School. In his studies, he laid the wide groundwork on which his music production is founded. Aside from his studies, he also played keyboard and sang back-up vocals in the London-based band The State Arcades. After two years in London, Martin moved back to Sweden to continue his music studies. He was granted admission to the program for Music Production at the Linnaeus University and after that he studied the program for Sound Design and Music Production at Dalarna University. In his studies, Martin got to practice and develop his skills in creating music and sound design for film and multimedia. Martin was an intern at Helmersson & Linna AB in 2012 where he worked with Uno Helmersson, known for his work with, e.g. Let the Right One in. After his studies, Martin continued to work with music and today he has several music projects running. He has been working as a part-time assistant to Patrik Andrén, known for the music in such films as Kon Tiki and In a Better World. In the summer of 2014, Martin did an internship for the Los Angeles based composer and producer Ludwig Göransson, known for his work with, e.g Last Stop Frutivale Station, We´re The Millers, Community, New Girl, HAIM and Childish Gambino. During his internship he learned to refine his understanding in the interaction between music and motion picture. Considering the broadness of his musical expression, it is clear that Martin’s inspiration derives from a wide range of sources. With his open-minded approach to his surroundings, he is dedicated to details and the artistic potential that dwells within them. Practicing this talent of his, Martin is capable of creating and adding an unexpected yet accurate sense of emotion to his music. On his journey, Martin has learned to develop and refine his natural talent for music and sound design. With his eyes for detail, he is able to combine music and sound with motion picture in a way that is both independent and individual. As much as his affection to music is reflected in his work, his wide musical experience has resulted in a mature artistic expression. Martin’s combination of skills creates a versatile landscape that gives the audience a conception of his intriguing musical language. Recent work has included all music for the Swedish successful TV-series “Finaste Familjen” (April-May 2016). Website: